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The professional staff at CRITTER CONTROL includes biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers, animal control officers and anti-cruelty personnel. Our team of experts combines their extensive education and experience with a genuine concern for animal welfare. That adds up to the finest wildlife control programs available anywhere.


Wildlife management is not just a sideline at CRITTER CONTROL, it is our only line of business. Serving over 100 major markets coast-to-coast, we have the knowledge, equipment and commitment to do the job right every time.


CRITTER CONTROL is a full-service organization. That means we not only remove or exclude unwanted animals, but follow up our work completely by repairing wildlife damage. Our integrated pest management systems include customer education, habitat modification, exclusion and removal of wildlife pests. Screening vents, installing chimney caps and closing entry holes reduces the opportunity for wildlife conflicts. It is our job to protect you and your property with permanent solutions to wildlife problems.

Got A Real Big Problem With Critters? Critter Control's A-TEAM has the answer! What Does A-TEAM Stand For?

Advanced Tactical & Emergency Animal Management

Large animal control projects, emergency animal services, and high-risk or public relations sensitive wildlife control situations call for a specialized approach by professionals (A-TEAM services are only offered where the delicate or high-profile nature of the problem, or the shear scope of the solution, require the most professional wildlife control services available).

Critter Control's A-TEAM is poised to assist businesses, communities, property managers, animal shelters and others facing serious wildlife threats or emergencies. Critter Control managers have specialized skills and training with dozens of managers certified in the remote delivery of chemical immobilization agents, and over 80 managers that have advanced Bird Management Certifications to handle a variety of emergency situations.

The A-TEAM is comprised of several of Critter Control's most experienced managers and bird control experts armed with the latest high-tech equipment. These A-TEAM members are strategically located around the country and can respond at a moment's notice to high-profile wildlife emergencies and rescues. Many requests for A-TEAM assistance do not require the high level of expertise or rapid response deployment of A-TEAM resources. In these cases the problems can be handled in a professional manner by our local Critter Control service providers for a reasonable fee. However, where conditions warrant and the situation is above the normal call of duty, the A-TEAM stands ready to respond at a moment's notice.

A fleet of charter aircraft are available to whisk our professional team of experts to assist in almost any wildlife emergency/rescue coast-to-coast. A-TEAM special operations (including rapid deployment and emergency response) may be provided at 'no charge' in unique cases involving high profile jobs, for special clients, and true emergency wildlife rescue situations. Please note that we may have to prequalify the emergency (for obvious reasons), but we are ready, willing and able to assist.

Through the use of hi-tech equipment and highly trained dedicated employees, the A-TEAM is ready to roll. As always, call (800) CRITTER for the office nearest you or call the A-TEAM hotline at (800) 451-6544.

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